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CALDAN P&F160, Power & Free Floor Conveyor

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The P&F160 is the latest expansion of our extensive floor conveyor range, and is based on exactly the same profile and drive system technology as the 140-system conveyors.

This heavy duty conveyor is a self accumulating Power & Free system, setting a new benchmark when it comes to handling the largest, and heaviest, unbalanced jigs.

Developed for applications where the need for Power & Free technology is required in sections such as storage areas, ovens etc. where space is at a premium, but where general process areas only require fixed pitch operation.

The supreme accuracy in guiding is secured by the 4 horizontal guide bearings as well as the fully adjustable “Free” track.

Compared to traditional skid systems or roller conveyors, the P&F160 operates with high reliability and smoothness. This is due to the limited use of drive units and sensors, requiring a minimum of effort and interference from the control system.

Further system advantages:
• Possibility to accumulate in line
• No need for expensive control systems for accumulation sections due to self accumulating design
• Operate at different process speeds on the same line
• Low maintenance - less moving sensible parts require less attention
• Full flexibility - complete freedom during the design stage as well as the advantages from traditional Power & Free systems (switching gates, accumulation zones etc.)


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Claus Nørgaard
Yrke: COO
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Erik Calundan Erik Calundan
Avdelning: Marketing
Yrke: Marketing Manager
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Michael Johansen
Yrke: Produktionschef
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